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    Implant Studio - Fundamentals

    Implant Studio training focusing on planning placement of implants, as well as design and production of surgical guides.


    You can use the software in two steps. The first step is to plan and place the implants. The second step is to design and produce the surgical guide. You have the option to send the implant plan to your laboratory or a design service for the second step if you are not producing in-house. In this section we will take you through all the steps, no matter which steps you choose to do yourself. 

    Patient management

    Before you start planning you must set up the patient and select the treatment type,  and you will also decide if you want to design and produce a surgical guide in-house of send it to a lab or design partner.

    Key Routines

    Preparing the scan

    The scans can be prepared for a prosthetic driven implant planning to enable a more efficient and outcome-based workflow. Here we can add a virtual crown or a bridge as well as adjusting the existing teeth and tissue. We start by importing the surface scan.

    Key routines

    Preparing the CBCT

    The next step is to adapt and align the CBCT with the surface scan.

    Implant Studio can import all DICOM standard CBCT's. In this step you can also define the anatomical structures that need to be protected.

    Key routines

    Placing the implants

    Here you can learn how to plan and place your implants with simple tools and guides. You will have full control over of every step, with x-ray and 3D view allowing for precise measurements and bone density control. 

    Further learning

    Learn how to select a screw-retained crown library using various functions in 3Shape Dental System. You will learn: immediate prosthesis after implant surgery, custom abutment and temporary crown and final crown design.
    In this highly requested webinar, Dr Brener will show how using 3Shape Implant Studio and the Biohorizon implant system will improve your: treatment efficiency and predictability, collaboration and data sharing and patient acceptance.
    Learn how digital implantology has evolved and how intraoral scanning, cone beam CBCT, digital software, and 3D printing/milling can lead to more implant cases and enhance clinical practice. Learn about: intraoral scanning and its role in dental implant planning, the role implant planning software plays in implant treatment, strategies for implementing in-office fabrication of surgical guides. Dr. Michael Scherer has been involved with digital implantology for over a decade and has evolved his clinical and laboratory practice over the time as technology has matured.
    Dr. Michael Scherer discusses CBCT concepts related to planning implants and clinical techniques related to using guided surgery. He reviews how to use software to analyze and prepare cases for planning implant positions based around critical anatomy, restorative-based concepts and superimposing multiple scans to visualize restorations.

    Finalizing the case/treatment

    The final step of the planning is to approve and lock the implant positions. You can then choose to save and send the case to your lab. You can also continue to design and produce the surgical guide on your in-house 3D-printer.

    Further learning

    Learn more by watching a on demand webinar Digital Implantology: Prosthodontics. From planning to execution

    Surgical guide design

    Design and customize your surgical guide in one efficient workflow. Follow simple steps to outline the guide, add bars and windows. End by adding text for identification. 

    Further learning

    In this webinar you will learn how labs and clinics can use 3Shape Implant Studio to provide guided surgery for implant cases. New users of Implant Studio will learn how to import intraoral scans and CBCT data, and how to design and produce tooth supported surgical guides.

    Surgical guide production

    After your surgical guide is designed you can send it to your 3D-printer or to a laboratory/service provider to get it printed.

    Learn more with instructor-led training courses

    *These materials are for training purposes only. For full information on correct usage please consult the official Safety and Set up Guide and the most current Manual. Please contact your reseller for availability of 3Shape products in your country.

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    From Jan 1, 2022 3Shape will no longer sell Indirect Bonding Studio. Customers will receive support for this product until Dec 31, 2023 and after that date receive free perpetual license based on country’s regulatory rules