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Indirect Bonding Studio - Fundamentals

Indirect Bonding Studio training focusing on patient management, scans and treatment planning. 


Here you will find everything to get you started. The 3Shape digital indirect bonding workflow is a guided workflow consisting of two steps:

Step 1. Bracket placement: digitally adding and adjusting brackets which provides a simulated treatment outcome.

Step 2.  Bracket transfer tray design: creating a digital design of the transfer tray to be produced, in which you can place the brackets.

The steps provides you with a choice of whether to do full or only partial in-house production. You decide on your preferred workflow. 

We have divided the Indirect Bonding Studio software workflow into three different levels of in-house production.

Workflow 1: Plan only
Complete the first step in-house: this includes, bracket placement and then send to a lab for the design and production of the bracket transfer tray.

Workflow 2: Plan and design
Complete the first 2 steps, bracket placement and bracket transfer tray design, in-house. Then send the designed bracket transfer tray to a lab for production.

Workflow 3: Plan, design, produce
Complete the full digital workflow in-house: this includes, bracket placement, bracket transfer tray design and transfer tray production.

Patient management

The first step of indirect bonding treatment planning is to get your patient digitized, because the Indirect Bonding Studio workflow requires a digital impression file to create indirect bonding trays. If you wish to learn how to take digital impressions with TRIOS, we recommend you to complete the TRIOS Fundamental training or watch scanning for Indirect bonding.

If you already have digital scans, please continue in this section.

Additional tools

Get the scans ready for treatment

Learn how to prepare your model for production. Before a model can be printed, you will need to add a virtual base to the scan.
In this section you will learn how to add the virtual base and to modify it into an arch shape model. This enables you to save printing materials during the 3D printing process.

Important: For the production of directly printed bracket transfer tray’s, adding a base to the models is not necessary. 

Step 1 - How to perfom the bracket placement

In Step 1 of the indirect bonding workflow you will learn how to digitally place the brackets on the models.

Key routines

Additional tools

Further learning

Learn the basics of indirect bonding with 3Shape and how to use the digital tools.

Step 2 - How to create the bracket transfer model & tray

In Step 2 of the indirect bonding workflow you will learn how to create both the bracket transfer master model and how to design the directly printed bracket transfer tray on the master model.

The software will automatically merge the brackets with the model and block out the bracket undercuts and bracket slots. You can design a directly printed Bracket Transfer Tray on the master model.

Key routines

Further learning

This webinar will show you Dr. Master's different digital indirect bonding protocols, using 3Shape Indirect Bonding Studio, from bracket placement to transfer tray design. 
Learn the basics about indirect bonding and how to use the digital tools.

Learn more with instructor-led training courses

*These materials are for training purposes only. For full information on correct usage please consult the official Safety and Set up Guide and the most current Manual. Please contact your reseller for availability of 3Shape products in your country.

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From Jan 1, 2022 3Shape will no longer sell Indirect Bonding Studio. Customers will receive support for this product until Dec 31, 2023 and after that date receive free perpetual license based on country’s regulatory rules