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TRIOS Design Studio - Fundamentals

TRIOS Design Studio training focusing on patient management and scanning, designing and milling your restorations.


If you already know how to scan with TRIOS, please continue on this page to find training materials that will guide you through creating an order, designing and preparing a restoration for in-house production.

Patient management and scanning

If you are used to creating orders with TRIOS and have now added TRIOS Design Studio, you will notice a few differences when creating a new order form. When you select In-house instead of Send to a lab the list of indications is different and materials will depend on type of machine you have installed.

Key Routines

For a refresher on scanning find training in the TRIOS Fundamentals section.


When your scans are ready, you can continue by designing in 3 easy steps: setting the margin line, setting the insertion direction and designing the anatomy.

Key routines

Additional tools to adjust designs

Let's look in some of the design tools in more detail.


Before you can produce your design, you have to select a 3Shape Trusted Connection milling machine. It is easy to connect TRIOS Design Studio with your mill and the software automatically orients and decides where to attach the restoration to your material block. 

Key routines

Further learning

In this webinar, you will learn about 3Shape’s chairside solution; TRIOS Design Studio and how it can fit into your clinic. Learn about the functionalities and the most popular integrations. 

Learn more with instructor-led training courses

*These materials are for training purposes only. For full information on correct usage please consult the official Safety and Set up Guide and the most current Manual.
Please contact your reseller for availability of 3Shape products in yourcountry.

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From Jan 1, 2022 3Shape will no longer sell Indirect Bonding Studio. Customers will receive support for this product until Dec 31, 2023 and after that date receive free perpetual license based on country’s regulatory rules