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Here you can find information on how to correctly unbox, connect and configure your scanner. We will show you how to set your preferences and how to communicate with your patients, labs and production partners.



Unbox and connect
The process of unboxing your newly bought scanner and connecting it to the system depends on the scanner model (TRIOS 4 or TRIOS 3), the scanner type (wired or wireless) and the system (Pod or MOVE+). Here you can find more specific information on each available setup. 

TRIOS 3 wired with MOVE +

TRIOS 3 wireless with MOVE+

TRIOS 3 wired with Pod

TRIOS 3 wireless with Pod

TRIOS 4 wired with MOVE+

TRIOS 4 wireless with MOVE+

TRIOS 4 wired with Pod

TRIOS 4 wireless with Pod


Set up connections
You need to set up a 3Shape Communicate account to send scans to labs, patients and production partners. 

Further learning

Learn about registering labs as apps in the Unite Store by watching the webinar below.
Connecting and working with clear aligner providers

To learn more about working with ClearCorrect App, visit the following links:

For the most recent ClearCorrect Integration (press on the link to open it in a new browser window): How to Submit Cases with a 3Shape TRIOS Scanner Using the ClearCorrect App in the UNITE Platform – ClearCorrect Support

For the ClearCorrect Classic Integration (press on the link to open it in a new browser window): How to Submit Cases with a 3Shape TRIOS Scanner Tutorial – ClearCorrect Support


Learn more with instructor-led training courses

*These materials are for training purposes only. For full information on correct usage please consult the official Safety and Set up Guide and the most current Manual. Please contact your reseller for availability of 3Shape products in your country.

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